Introducing Digitial equity networks

  • Advanced Ownership

  • Exchange Availability

  • Infinite Possibilities

Make physical assets and commodities available to new liquidity markets with smart contracts designed to determine access and availablity and provide ownership benefits.

Assets can then be sold on public and private exchanges while maintaining immutable rights with blockchain transparency. Digital One Trust's primary goal is to make ownership of commercial property with clear proof-of-title available as non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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Smart Contracts

Customizable attributes that inspire accumulation.

Trustless Exchange

Blockchain ecosystem with strong KYC/AML.

Secure. Futureproof.

Fast, unparalleled side-chain performance.

Ownership Benefits

Design a platorm to incentivize accumulation.

Our Mission

About D1T

Digital One Trust (D1T) is a DeFi solution committed to making commercial adoption of virtual ownership available with non-fungible tokens (NFT). The first version of our tools consist of customizable smart contracts, a robust KYC/AML proof-of-identity token and blockchain reporting, and will eventually include custom exchanges and crypto services.

Our clients hold potentially massive portfolios of untapped potential just waiting to explode and understand virtual ownership to be an undreamt source of newfound liquidity. We will work with our customers to not only generate a legally sound, regulation compliant, NFT/tokenized equity solution, but to also develop and strategize the release of private exchanges.

The initial industries and use cases D1T will be targeting require low latency, instant finality of transaction, immutability, and low predictable fees. The target markets include commodities, intellectual property, and commercial and residential real estate. While NFTs have experienced solid growth amongst the crypto community, the current state of the tools is not suitable for entrants who are less familiar with crypto and smart contracts. Therefore, D1T will target its offering directly to these industries’ challenges, rather than building off of a traditional crypto user experience. Ease of integration, adoption and use are key to solving these industries' technological challenges.

Sean Harbinger Co-Founding Managing Partner & DIGITAL ONE TRUST

Core Business Services

financial technology

DMCA Compliant Equities

TypeIntellectual Property

Maintain provenance and enforceability of Digital Copyright protection.



Compliant with advisory and regulatory boards designed to protect the customer.

Exchange Development


We will help you Launch a private exchange where commodities can be exclusively sold.

Application Development


Integrate asset-as-NFT into a web or application experience — decentralized or side-chain.

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Bespoke Smart Contracts


Incentivize ownership in virtual equities with benefites such as memberships, discounts, invitations only events and profit sharing.

HOT Topic!

Crypto Integration


Launch a custom crypto designed from the ground up to provide function and create value to an NFT offering.

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Founding Team


Our team has built solutions for companies and partners such as IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, HP, The Federal Reserve, Tech Mahindra, and Sovereign Bank.

Roman Andersen

Team Builder

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Sean Harbinger

Project Management

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Orest Lebedovych


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